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BEnew Program










Nourish Yourself All the Way to Wellness
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Discover the Worlds' #1 Live Whole Food
Phytonutrient Supplement
On The Planet Today
Over 25 years old and still bringing health to others!
 Body Balance Liquid Phytonutrient...

So Much More than Ordinary Liquid Vitamins!

Over 5 Million quarts sold since 1996.
You will not find anything superior to Body Balance!
Isn't it time you started feeling better?

Liquid Body Balance...
Whole Food Supplement

What happens after you swallow it?

It bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into your blood stream and into your cells in a matter of seconds...
Immediately absorbed into your cells!

Thinking of trying ordinary liquid vitamins? 
TRY BODY BALANCE first, you will be amazed at the results it delivers!


Gary Rose, Pharmacist

Karen Brennan, Mom


Body Balance Feeds and Repairs every Cell in Your Body for Excellent Health!

 Recommended by 1000's of doctors.  What do Doctors say?

LISTEN HERE to Dr. Michael Earnest on Why Body Balance?
Reported benefits from Body Balance
  • Increase in energy and vitality
  • Increased feeling of well-being
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved immune function
  • Better sleep
  • Mental clarity
  • Stable mood
  • Weight loss

Body Balance Family Pack    ORDER FAMILY PACK
Get enough body balance for your entire family and save money!


Read below on our baseline combo pack. and also our Overall Health Package Special,  you will receive not only Body Balance, but also OsteoProCare, a delicious liquid calcium along with the superb joint care, Flexeoplus

Base-Line Combo Pack  Only Body Balance & Osteoprocare or Body Balance & OsteoMegaCare

OVERALL HEALTH PACKAGE SPECIAL  Body Balance, OsteoProCare/OsteoMegaCare, & Flexeoplus for TOTAL Body Health!

 Natural Liquid Calcium for Bone Health!

OsteoProCare & OsteoMegaCare


Which calcium product do I order?  OsteoProCare or OsteoMegaCare?

OsteoMegaCare has everything that OsteoProCare has except it also contains: all Omega 3's (3-6-9), L-Carnitine, & Inulin (Oligo Fiber) and it is also Vegetarian, where OsteoProCare is not vegetarian.  OsteoMegaCare is our newest Calcium product.  Both of these products are exceptionally good and equally as effective!


OsteoProCare Calcium
Ingredients Here

More than just great Bone Health! 

You get Calcium, Magnesium, Minerals, and much more...

 Bone & Teeth Support with Glucosamine

SAVE money. . .

by ordering our combo pack

The Ultimate Combination of Products!

Everyone needs calcium, and magnesium every day, along with their nutritional

Don't wait until you have osteoporosis arthritis, prevent it today by feeding your bones and protecting your health with our Liquid Calcium,

OsteoProCare or OsteoMegaCare.
Body Balance & OsteoMegaCare

Body Balance & OsteoProCare

More information on baseline pack Baseline Pack includes both Body Balance & Calcium


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Say Good Bye to Joint Pain with

Joint pain can be a thing of the past.  FlexeoPlus is a proven formula for those that suffer with joint discomfort, whether it be in your hands, feet, knees, shoulders, wherever there are joints, let FlexeoPlus go to work for you!

More information on FlexeoPlus


ORDER Bone & Joint Pack (Both OsteoProCare & FlexeoPlus, or OsteoMegaCare and FlexeoPlus)

Enhance your core energy with TruBoost™

A Healthy Choice When You Need a Lift

Daily Support You Can Trust

The Science Behind the Boost!

  • Reduced serum cortisol - the stress hormone - by 24.8%

  • Reduced C-reactive protein - a negative health risk factor - by 35.6%

  • Increased DHEA - a hormone correlated to overall energy in the body - by 31.6%

  • Fatigue/Lack of Energy - decreased by 53.1%

  • Inability to Concentrate - decreased by 75.8%

  • Forgetfulness - decreased by 57.1%

  • Irritability - decreased by 76.5%

More Information on TruBoost Here

Listen Here on the Importance of Colon Cleansing

Natural and Gentle
Colon Cleanse for deep Colon Cleansing

"Death" Begins in an unclean colon!

Did you know it is said that 90% of all sickness and disease starts in an unclean colon?

Doing the Colon Cleanse Program can help you ...

Remove Parasites
Prevent Toxicity
Aid in Weight Loss
helps to remove toxins and/or prevent toxin build up in the colon that may cause illness


COMPLETE Rejuvenation program:

Combining the Taheebo and Body Balance with your Colon Cleanse not only cleanses your colon of impurities, but your entire body!  Every cell is repaired and gets exactly what it needs to enable your body to function like it was meant to function, so that you are feeling much healthier and just plain terrific! 


Order the Complete Rejuvenation Program HERE

Order just the Colon Cleanse HERE

Also Detox your Body with our Herbal Body Wrap


Special Health Report

History of our Company

Return Policy

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All of the above products mentioned, are just a few of our remarkable health sustaining products.  If you are in the market for ONE overall product that will do your body good, and promote healing and health, you need the whole food Liquid Body Balance.


“I have used these products on over 18 thousand patients ranging in age from
two months to ninety two years. I recommend these products to all my
patients regardless of the reason for their visits, because they promote
wellness and enhance the auto immune system at all stages of life.”

-William J. Saccoman, M.D

"I have carefully scrutinized products from Life Force International, and I am extremely impressed!  The liquid absorption rates are outstanding and ahead of their time.  I feel these products represent the pinnacle of liquid nutritional science.  I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone!"
-Dr. Doug Worden MD, NJ

"With full confidence I endorse this product and recommend it for improved energy and vitality. I use it myself...I have never seen one product, in 22 years of practicing pharmacy, that has benefited so many."
-Mark F. Binkley, Ph.D

"I have seen tremendous results in my patients who take the Life Force Colon Cleanse Program. Patients who have had various health challenges have found tremendous relief. I highly recommend it. My personal experience with Body Balance is a tremendous energy boost. I love the product."
-Dr. Lisa Temple O.M.D.  CO

"Body Balance provides the nutritional support to meet the nutritional needs of all patients. This is an exceptional  supplement worth taking as part of any wellness program."
-Steven Hallwanger, MD.     

The products are palatable and easy to use. They are excellent for detoxification
as well as for greater health and vitality. I personally use the products, therefore
I feel confident in recommending them to my patients.

-Dr. Ron Baker, DC

I have the privilege of treating many professional athletes as well as many families from the Santa Cruz area. I prescribe Life Force products to all my patients. What the patients like most is that the products are convenient, pleasant tasting, and best of all, they no longer have to take handfuls of pills. I personally use all the products and would never be without them.
-Steve Funk, D.C.

"I have been taking Body Balance for 16 months now, and it has made a dramatic difference in my health.  Although I watched my diet and followed the doctors recommendations I had no relief and was going to need shots. In June, 1996, I was introduced to Body Balance by a friend. In the year that has followed,   I have more energy, sleep better, and have an overall increased sense of well-being. This is why I am happy and confident to recommend Body Balance to anyone and everyone I meet."
-John Weldy FL

"I searched earnestly for a product that I could feel and see the difference, with results that could be measured. I tried many products. Body Balance is the best I have ever found!"
-Bob Cohen KY

"Ever since I started using Body Balance, my health has continued to improve."
-Willie Ward IL

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TruBoost Testimonies

TruBoost battles stress so you can live better. Read about the amazing results these individuals have experienced by drinking 2-3 bottles of TruBoost per day below.

"TruBoost helps you stay on task; you're simply more focused, and you experience mental clarity. When I take it, I also get less stressed!"
Rhonda Raemish
Middleton, WI

"I have a high stress job and have experienced an increase in my ability to handle the stress. Even my boyfriend commented that I would be in a bad mood after work, but now I come home with a smile and I'm more relaxed."
Bobbi Malerba
Ojai, CA


"Truboost is a tremendous product. As a healthcare professional, what I've seen is that weak adrenal glands and imbalanced cortisol levels cause stress and fatigue. TruBoost strengthens the adrenal glands and reduces cortisol. Individuals who are taking TruBoost also report sleeping better, which is related to balancing cortisol levels.

The bottom line: People who are serious about reducing stress should commit to consistent use of TruBoost; one or two a day for at least 2 to 3 weeks to start seeing results. From then on, consistent use of TruBoost will strengthen the adrenal glands and guard against stress. TruBoost is truly a home-run!"

Dr. Tony Tirri
Madison, VA


"Since taking TruBoost I've experienced an increase in my memory retention. Just this past weekend at Disneyland I was able to remember the picture number from Splash Mountain, #6989, over an hour later after only glimpsing it for a second. My girlfriend's immediate comment was, "It must be the TruBoost!"
John Obraza
Ojai, CA


Although Body Balance is my daily nutritional foundation, there are times in my busy schedule when I need a little something extra to get me through the day. Stimulants and sugars only seem to make me feel worse, and so reaching for an artificial energy lift just isn't an option for me. TruBoost is something totally unique and different. When I drink I, I feel mentally clear and calm, like anything is possible! It gives me the perfect "boost" to get through my day without pushing beyond my body's limitations. With consistent use I've even noticed an improvement in my body's ability to withstand and recover from stress and fatigue. Now that's really something to talk about! Thank you TruBoost!
Alicia Morrow
Salem, OR

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